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Sleeping Corgi Floor RugMatCorgiSmall
Sleeping Corgi Floor RugMatChow ChowSmall
Sleeping Corgi Floor RugMatYoukshire TerrierSmall
Sleeping Corgi Floor RugMatPoodleSmall
Sleeping Corgi Floor RugMatAkita / Shiba InuSmall
Sleeping Corgi Floor RugMatChihuahuaSmall
Sleeping Corgi Floor RugMat
Sleeping Corgi Floor RugMatBoston Terrier / French BulldogSmall
Sleeping Corgi Floor RugMatGerman ShepherdSmall
Sleeping Corgi Floor RugMatSchnauzerSmall
Sleeping Corgi Floor RugMatCocker SpanielSmall
Sleeping Corgi Floor RugMatGolden RetrieverSmall
Sleeping Corgi Floor RugMatHuskySmall
Sleeping Corgi Floor RugMatBichon FriseSmall
Sleeping Corgi Floor RugMatBorder CollieSmall
Sleeping Corgi Floor RugMatAlaskan MalamuteSmall
Sleeping Corgi Floor RugMatSamoyedSmall
Sleeping Corgi Floor RugMatBeagleSmall
Sleeping Corgi Floor RugMatLabrador RetrieverSmall
Sleeping Corgi Floor RugMatPugSmall
Sleeping Corgi Floor RugMat
Sleeping Corgi Floor RugMatShih TzuSmall
Sleeping Corgi Floor RugMatPekingeseSmall
Sleeping Corgi Floor RugMatPomeranianSmall
Sleeping Corgi Floor RugMatPapillonSmall
Sleeping Corgi Floor RugMatShar PeiSmall
Sleeping Corgi Floor RugMatRough CollieSmall

Sleeping Corgi Floor Rug

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Now you can look at your baby sleeping all day!

Made of Polyester, these floor mats are anti bacterial, anti slip, anti corrosion and more.

Available in two sizes Small and Medium.


Use: Door, Golf, Floor, Bar, Table, Car, Bath, Exercise, Outdoor

Technics: Machine Made
Material: 100% Polyester
Pattern: Printed
Features: Adhesive-Protective, Anti-Bacteria, Corrosion-Resistant, Anti-Slip


  • Small - 2.8 feet width x 1.3 feet height x 0.6" thickness
  • Medium - 4.1 feet width x 1.9 feet height x 0.6" thickness


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