Collection: Dachshund Gifts

If you're looking for Dachshund Gifts or Dachshund Ornaments - this collection is for you!

Our collection of theΒ cutest Dachshund Gifts includes Dachshund Bags, Baking Tools, Bathroom Decor, Blankets, Bobbleheads, Car Accessories, Cell Phone Holder, Coaster, Cushion Cover, Art, Doormat, Earrings, Figurines, Flower Pot, Home Decor, iPhone Case, Jewellery, Jewellery Box, Keychain, Leggings, Magnets, Mugs, Oil Painting, Pajamas, Pencil Holder, Pendant, Pillow Cover, Ring, Rugs, Scarf, Shawl, Shirt, Sign Board, Socks, Statue, T-Shirt, Towel, Wall Clock, and lots more unique Dachshund merchandise and collectibles.

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  • Cutest Bow-Tie Dachshund Floor Rug
    Cutest Bow-Tie Dachshund Floor RugHome DecorDachshundSmall
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    $75.00 USD
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    $61.00 USD
  • Cutest Dachshund Floor Rug / Doormat
    Cutest Dachshund Floor Rug / DoormatHome DecorDachshundMedium
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    $55.00 USD
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    $51.00 USD