10 Cutest Shih Tzu Gifts for Shih Tzu lovers

If you’re looking for Shih Tzu Gifts or Shih Tzu ornaments - this blog post is for you! 😍😍😍

Our collection of the cutest Shih Tzu Gifts and Ornaments includes the cutest Shih Tzu figurines, bobbleheads, cushion covers, t-shirts, blankets, accessories, home decor, signboards, and lots more super-cute Shih Tzu merchandise and Shih Tzu stuff!

Tell us in the comments - which Shih Tzu ornament, gift, or accessory do you like the most?


1. Cutest Shih Tzu Bobbleheads

Image of two super cute Shih Tzu miniature bobbleheads in brown and white color made of high-quality resin

Image of a Shih Tzu car bobblehead made of resin in which shih tzu is sitting in a car with balloons design

OMG, how cute are these Brown and White Shih Tzu Bobbleheads!

Featuring the most adorable Shih Tzu babies with big beady eyes. These cutest Shih Tzu ornaments are sure to make you smile each time!

Made of high-quality resin, place these most adorable Shih Tzu christmas ornaments on your table, or in your car - for the cutest bobbling reminder of your Shih Tzu baby waiting back home!

2. Infinite Shih Tzu Love Warm Blankets

Image of two Shih Tzu blankets with Shih Tzu print featuring the cutest Shih Tzus with hearts designs

Stay warm with your Shih Tzu love all winter long in these super comfortable Shih Tzu blankets for Shih Tzu lovers!

Featuring the adorable Shih Tzu with hearts design - this super soft and incredibly charming blanket is sure to become your all-time favorite. Made of microfiber fabric, available in two sizes - Medium and Large.

3. Fluffy Shih Tzu Love Keychains

Image of four fluffy faux fur Shih Tzu keychains in different colors in the shape of Shih Tzu

Super-adorable Shih Tzu keychain accessories for Shih Tzu lovers!

Made of super-soft and fluffy faux fur, these most adorable keychains for Shih Tzu lovers are sure to delight each time you use them!

If you know a Shih Tzu owner you have to gift something small - these super-cute Shih Tzu accessories are a perfect choice. Available in five colors, with fully Shih Tzu keychains in shades of Blue, Brown, Pink, Red, and Peach!


4. Yoga Shih Tzu Cushion Cover

Image of a yoga design green color cushion cover made of Linen / Cotton in which shih tzu is doing different poses of yoga

If you're looking for Shih Tzu home decor - this cushion cover is for you!

Featuring the most appealing Shih Tzu cushion cover doing Yoga design. Throw this most delightful cushion cover for Shih Tzu and Yoga lovers on your bed, sofa, couch, study, office, kids room, car, or anywhere you need!

Made of cotton and linen, measuring 17.7" inch x 17.7" or 43 cm x 43 cm - Gift this cutest cushion cover to your Shih Tzu loving self, or your Shih Tzu loving friends!

5. Warning Overly Affectionate Shih Tzu on Duty - Tin Poster

Image of a tin sign board with a cute Shih Tzu and funny caption saying 'Warning overly affectionate Shih Tzu on duty'

Warn all visitors that there's an overly affectionate Shih Tzu on the prowl with this cutest Shih Tzu signboard!

Made of tin, measuring nearly 12 inches wide and 8 inches tall. This unique piece of Shih Tzu merchandise is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

6. Cutest Shih Tzu Floor Rugs

Image of two floor rugs in the shape of Shih Tzu, one is sleeping Shih Tzu floor rug and the other is the cutest Shih Tzu face floor rug

You may not want to step on these incredibly loveable Shih Tzu floor rugs for Shih Tzu lovers!

A truly unique and delightful Shih Tzu themed gifts for Shih Tzu lovers.These cutest Shih Tzu floor rugs are waiting to greet you every morning!

Gift these super-cute floor rugs to your Shih Tzu loving self or your Shih Tzu loving friends! Available in different sizes from small to medium and large.

7. Red Rose Shih Tzu Mom's T-Shirt

Image of a cutest Shih Tzu women's t-shirt, featuring the cutest Shih Tzu with a red rose design

Wear your Shih Tzu love with this super cute t-shirt for Shih Tzu moms!

Featuring the cutest Shih Tzu with a red rose design. Wear this pretty as a picture Shih Tzu T-Shirt for Shih Tzu moms yourself, or gift to your Shih Tzu loving friends!

Made from super-soft modal fabric. A semi-synthetic fabric made from beech tree pulp, used primarily to make super-soft t-shirts, pajamas, and lots more merchandise.

8. Red Indian Shih Tzu Warm Winter Shawl

Image of a Shih Tzu winter shawl featuring the cutest Red-Indian Shih Tzu design

Stay warm with your Shih Tzu love all winter long in this cutest Shih Tzu shawl accessory for Shih Tzu moms!

Featuring the delightful Red-Indian Shih Tzu design, wear this shawl when you go out, at the office, or even when you take a nap!

Measuring 6.5 feet x 2.3 feet and made of a soft cashmere-feel fabric, which is also easy to clean. A unique piece of Shih Tzu themed merchandise and gifting idea.

9. Shih Tzu Love Women's Silk Neck Scarf

Image of a cutest Shih Tzu white color neck scarf in shih tzu design, made of fine silk

A fashion Shih Tzu accessory for Shih Tzu lovers like no other!

Flaunt your Shih Tzu love with this lovely Shih Tzu scarf made of fine silk, featuring an adorable Shih Tzu design.

Style this silk scarf around your neck, use it to tie up your hair, wrap it around your handbag handle, or just tie it to your jeans. It's sure to be appreciated by all you meet!

10. Shih Tzu Love Small Jewelry Box Figurines

Image of a white and gold Shih Tzu jewellery box figurine, also showing its open and close look

Image of a black and white Shih Tzu jewellery box figurine, also showing its open and close look

Keep all your Shih Tzu love and daily jewelry in beautiful Shih Tzu jewelry box!

An incredibly beautiful and useful addition to the dressing or office table of any Shih Tzu mom. A perfect Shih Tzu Christmas Ornament for Shih Tzu moms.

Large enough to store small jewelry including rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more. Made of metal, measuring 2.5" in length, 2.15" in height, and 1.2" in width.

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