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10 Gorgeous Golden Retriever Gifts for Golden Retriever Lovers

If you're looking for Golden Retriever Gifts - this blog post is for you!

Our collection of the cutest Golden Retriever Gifts include Golden Retriever ornaments, accessories, home decor and lots more Golden Retriever merchandise and collectibles.

Tell us in comments - which one do you like the most?


1. Vibrant Golden Retriever Hand Painted Canvas Art Oil Painting ($61 onwards)

Image of a beautiful vibrant oil painting with a happy Golden Retriever with a bone in it's mouth

Image of a vibrant colorful golden retriever art painting on a wall in a house with a chair and table lamp on the side

A stunningly beautifulĀ Golden Retriever portrait!

Place this radiant piece of hand painted Golden Retriever art in your house, office or anywhere you please.

Handmade with oil paints on canvas, available inĀ threeĀ sizes -Ā Small, Medium and Large.Ā Frame not included.

2. Sleeping Golden Retriever Floor Rug ($29 onwards)

Image of a floor rug or doormat in the shape of a sleeping Golden Retriever

Now you can see your baby sleeping all day!

Made of polyester, this beautiful sleepingĀ Golden RetrieverĀ floor mat is anti-slip, anti bacterial and corrosion resistant.

Available in two sizes - Small and Medium.

3.Ā Golden Retriever Coffee Mug ($29)

Image of a white coffee mug with Golden Retriever and very funny text which says that 'I work hard so my Golden Retriever can have a good life'.

Simply the funniest Golden Retriever Coffee Mug for Golden Retriever owners!

Take this Coffee mug to office and brighten up everyone's everyday! With an easy-grip handle, standard 11 oz capacity, this mug is suitable for both hot and cold drinks, and can be used for home or office.

4. Golden Retriever Drawer Pull / Cabinet Door Handle ($24)

Image of a cabinet drawer pull in the shape of a smiling Golden retriever

An exquisite piece of Golden RetrieverĀ home decor!

Made of pewter with an antique silver finish. ApproximatelyĀ 1.5" Tall x 1.25" Wide x 1.6" Depth.

5. Golden Retriever Love Miniature Brass FigurineĀ ($19)

Image of a mini brass statue figurine in the shape of a standing Golden Retriever

A timeless gift for any Golden Retriever lover!

Made of brass with intricate detailing to resemble a beautiful standing Golden Retriever. Can be placed on any desk to admire for all.

6. Warning Overly Affectionate Golden Retriever on Duty Tin Poster ($11)

Image of a tin poster with a similar Golden Retriever and text which says 'Warning overly affectionate Golden Retriever on duty'

Give adequate warning to all visitors!

Warm them that there's an overly affectionate Golden Retriever on the prowl, and they may be next in line for licks.

Made of tin, measuring nearly 12 inches wide and 8 inches tall. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

7. Golden Retriever Love Cookie Cutter ($9)

Image of a cookie cutter for baking in the shape of a standing Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Love Cookie Cutter.

Bake away with these Golden Retriever shaped cookie cutters! Made of stainless steel, measuring approximately 3.15" wide by 3.5" tall.

8. Hand Painted Curious Golden Retriever Canvas Art Oil Painting ($61)

Image of a Golden Retriever art painting with a front profile of a Golden Retriever on a bed looking at the viewer

A beautiful Golden Retriever portrait!

Place this exquisite piece of hand painted Golden Retriever art in your house, office or anywhere you please.

Handmade with oil paints on canvas, available in two sizes - 20" x 20" and 24" x 24". Frame not included.

9. Golden Retriever Love Resin Wine Bottle Holder ($109)

Image of a wine holder with a wine bottle and a cute Golden Retriever design

Labrador Home Decor like no other!

Made of high quality resin and silicon. The perfect piece of Labrador home decor for any wine connoisseur.

10. Golden Retriever Cushion Covers ($14)

Image of a cushion cover with a Golden Retriever in an American football print

Image of a cushion cover with a Golden Retriever and billiards print

Celebrate yourĀ Golden Retriever loveĀ with these cutest cushion covers!

Featuring the cutest Golden Retriever prints - throw these on your couch, bed, car or anywhere you please!

Made of cotton and linen, measuring 18" x 18".

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