27 Fabulous French Bulldog Gifts for Frenchie Lovers 2021

If you’re looking for French Bulldog Gifts - this blog post is for you! 😍😍😍

Our collection of the cutest Frenchie Gifts includes French Bulldog Jewellery, T-Shirts, Accessories, Pyjamas, Socks, Blankets, Doormats, and lots more French Bulldog merchandise and French Bulldog stuff!

Tell us in the comments - which of these French Bulldog Gifts do you like the best?


1. Cutest French Bulldog Bobbleheads

Image of three super cute and smiling French Bulldog bobbleheads in Fawn, Black and Pied Black and White

The cutest bobbling reminder of your Frenchie baby waiting back home! A perfect gift for any French Bulldog lover.

Place these cutest French Bulldog bobbleheads in your car or office table. Made high-quality PVC and resin, these super-cute bobbleheads for French Bulldog lovers are available in three Frenchie colors - Black, Cream / Tan, and Pied Black and White.

2. Abstract French Bulldog Resin Piggy Bank Statue

Image of a super-cute French Bulldog themed statue which is also a piggy bank in different colors

A Stunning Gift for French Bulldog lovers! An abstract French Bulldog piggy bank to encourage young savings.

Made of high-quality resin, this super-cute French Bulldog Statue and Piggy Bank is available in six colors, including textured blue, white, sky blue, black, pink, and gold. View all French Bulldog home decor.

3. Cutest French Bulldog Love Keychains

Image of french bulldog themed keychains on a table

Unlock your Frenchie love with these cutest keychains for French Bulldog lovers!

Throw these French Bulldog keychains in your handbag and easily retrieve them without looking. The unique shape of these keychains makes them incredibly easy to find amongst the other things in your handbag when in a rush!

Made of soft PU leather, in addition to helping you organise your keys, these keychains can also be used as super cute handbag accessories for French Bulldog moms!

4. Abstract Frenchie Decorative Table Top Organiser Statue

Collage of six images showcasing a French Bulldog themed tabletop organiser statue in different colors in different use cases

A stunning piece of French Bulldog home decorMade of high-quality resin, sculpted in the shape of an abstract French Bulldog.

These stunning French Bulldog Statue and Tabletop Organisers are over 12 inches deep, with three individual compartments to stay organized with the TV remote, keys, shades, phones, or anything you need to organize.

Available in six colors - White, Pink, Black, Light Blue, Textured Blue, and Gold.

5. French Bulldog Love Jewellery

Collage with five super cute French Bulldog themed jewellery for women including French Bulldog ring, earrings, necklace pendants and silver charm beads.

Simply stunning French Bulldog Jewellery for French Bulldog moms! 

Gift any of these super-cute pieces of French Bulldog merchandise to any French Bulldog mom, and watch her melt!

Made of 925 Sterling silver and cubic zirconia - including a stunning French Bulldog ring, necklace pendants, earrings, silver charm beads, and more! 

6. Pardon My French Bulldog Welcome Doormat

Image of a doormat with a French Bulldog silhouette and a  funny Pardon My French caption

A funny French Bulldog doormat for French Bulldog lovers!

Made of high-quality, long-lasting polyester, with an anti-slip bottom. This super-cute French Bulldog doormat is available in two sizes - medium and large.

7. Abstract French Bulldog Pen or Pencil Holder

Image of six French Bulldog themed statues with a small compartment to hold pens, pencils, toothpicks, q-tips, etc

A pen or pencil holder for French Bulldog lovers like no other! A beautiful piece of multi-functional French Bulldog merchandise.

Made of high-quality silicone and resin, this super cute French Bulldog pen or pencil holder is available in six colors - textured blue, white, sky blue, black, pink, and gold.

8. French Bulldog Love Multipurpose Wall Hooks

Image of two wall hooks on a wall in the shape of two cute French Bulldogs

Simply the cutest way to organise your French Bulldog love! Super-cute and function French Bulldog merchandise.

Use these multi-purpose French Bulldog wall hooks to hang your keys, wires, towels, and more. Available 6 different French Bulldog colors. View more French Bulldog home decor.

9. Crown French Bulldog Decorative Table Organiser Statues

Image of three decorative table top organisers on top of a table in the shape of French Bulldogs wearing a golden crown, in Pink, Blue and Gold colors

Keep your stuff organized with these stunning Crown French Bulldog Decorative Table Organisers.

Place them in the living room for keys and pocket change, in the bedroom for remotes, glasses, or even in the bathroom for fresh hand towels!

Made of high-quality resin, available in three colors - Blue, Pink, and Gold.

Also available - Smiling Golden French Bulldog Tabletop Organiser Statue

Image of a Golden French Bulldog Themed Tabletop Organiser

10. Baby French Bulldog Summer Sleeping Set

Image of a French Bulldog Themed Womens Sleeping Set for Summer

Gear up for summer with the Baby Frenchie Summer Sleeping set! If you're looking for French Bulldog pajamas - these are for you!

Made of soft, light and breathable cotton, wear these cutest French Bulldog pyjamas for the most paw-some dreams!

Also available - Baby French Bulldog 100% Cotton Pajama Set:

Image of a French Bulldog themed womens pyjamas set

11. French Bulldog Mini Brass Figurine

Front and. back view of a French Bulldog shaped miniature brass figurine

A timeless gift for any French Bulldog lover! Made of brass with intricate French Bulldog detailing.

This most adorable French Bulldog figurine measures a little over 2 inches in height and depth, and is sure to be admired by one and all!

12. French Bulldog Themed Pet Bed

Image of a fawn French Bulldog themed pet bed

What could be more fitting than a French Bulldog themed bed for a Frenchie?

Made of 100% soft breathable cotton, can be hand-washed, and available in two sizes - Small and Large.

13. French Bulldog Love Desktop Ornament 

Image of three super cute French Bulldog desktop ornaments spelling love, in three different French Bulldog colors

If you're looking for super-cute French Bulldog stuff - this French Bulldog ornament is for you!

Featuring four cutest French Bulldogs spelling LOVE, holding one letter each. Place them in your living room, office, or anywhere you please!

Made of PVC, measuring 2.35" in height and 1.2" in width. Available in three Frenchie colors - White, Black, and Brindle & White.

14. French Bulldog Love Thin Sweatshirt

An image of two French Bulldog print sweatshirts for women in pink and blue

If your baby is a Frenchie - this sweatshirt is for you! Super-cute French Bulldog merchandise.

Made of soft breathable cotton, with the cutest infinite Frenchie print. Add this cutest sweatshirt for French Bulldog moms to your everyday collection, or gift it to your Frenchie-loving friends!

This cutest French Bulldog sweatshirt is available in two colors - Pink and Blue.

Also available - French Bulldog Love Women's T-Shirt:

Image of a three French Bulldog print t-shirts for women, in pink, blue and white.

15. French Bulldog Love Soft Warm Fleece Blanket

Image of a black French bulldog themed blanket

Wrap yourself in this gorgeous black French Bulldog blanket!

Made of sherpa fleece microfibre fabric, this super-cute blanket for French Bulldog lovers is machine washable, and available in two sizes - small and medium.

16. Warning Overly Affectionate French Bulldog on Duty Sign Board

Image of a tin poster with a French Bulldog and a funny caption saying Warning overly affectionate French Bulldog on Duty

Give adequate warning to all visitors! Warm them that there's an overly affectionate Frenchie on the prowl, and they may be next for licks.

Made of tin, perfect for both indoor or outdoor use. This super cute French Bulldog signboard measures nearly 12 inches wide and 8 inches tall.

If you're looking for funny French Bulldog stuff - this is for you!

17. Golden Angel-Wings Black Ceramic French Bulldog Statue

Image of a Black french Bulldog Statue with Golden Angel Wings

A timeless gift for any French Bulldog lover! A timeless house warming gift for any French Bulldog lover.

This stunning Black French Bulldog with Golden Angel Wings is made of black ceramic, with gold-plated angel wings.

Measuring over 8 inches in height, a perfect addition to any French Bulldog lovers living room, bedroom, office, or study.

18. French Bulldog Love Toilet Roll Holder

Fawn French Bulldog Design Toilet Roll Holder

A sure shot way to brighten up each day for any fawn French Bulldog lover!

This hilarious French Bulldog toilet roll holder is made of high-quality resin, is hand-painted, and intricately sculpted with great attention to detail.

If you're looking for unique French Bulldog stuff - this is for you!

19. French Bulldog Love Door Stoppers

Image of two French Bulldog themed door stoppers

A door stopper to pull out all the stops for a French Bulldog lover! Super-cute French Bulldog stuff!

These most-adorable French Bulldog door stoppers are available in two variants - sitting Frenchie and Frenchie belly flop. View more French Bulldog home decor.

20. French Bulldog Love T-Shirts

Collage of six super cute French Bulldog print t-shirts for French Bulldog moms

If you're a Frenchie mom - these French Bulldog t-shirts are for you!

Featuring the cutest French Bulldog prints, these super-cute t-shirts are the perfect gift for any French Bulldog mom!

Made from super-soft modal fabric, a semi-synthetic fabric made from beech tree pulp, used to make super-soft t-shirts, undergarments, pajamas, and more merchandise.

21. Flower-Decoration White French Bulldog Ceramic Statue

Image of a pair of, big and small, beautiful French Bulldog ceramic statues with flowers design

Stunning French Bulldog home decor like no other! A timeless house-warming gift for any French Bulldog lover.

Handmade with ceramic and enamel, featuring two white Frenchies with the most delicate and gorgeous ceramic flowers design.

Place these stunning French Bulldog ceramic statues in your living room, bedroom, office, or anywhere you please. They're sure to delight everyone they meet!

Available in two sizes - small and large.

22. French Bulldog iPhone Covers

Image of three French Bulldog print iphone covers in three French Bulldog colors - Black, Fawn and Pied Black and White

Simply stunning French Bulldog accessories for French Bulldog lovers!

Flaunt your Frenchie love with these cutest French Bulldogs in bloom iPhone cases. Featuring the cutest Frenchies in Black, Fawn, and Pied Black and White with a floral background.

Made of soft silicone, these cutest French Bulldog iPhone covers fit almost any iPhone model, are dirt-resistant and shock-proof. View more French Bulldog Accessories.

23. French Bulldog Love Cushion Covers

Collage of four super cute French Bulldog print cushion covers


If you're looking for French Bulldog stuff - these cushion covers are for you!

Featuring the cutest French Bulldog designs. Throw these most adorable cushion covers for Frenchie lovers on your sofa, bed, study, car, kid's room, or anywhere you please!

Made of cotton and linen, measuring 17.7" inch x 17.7" or 43 cm x 43 cm. Gift these cutest French Bulldog cushion covers to yourself, or your Frenchie-loving family and friends.

24. Pied Black and White French Bulldog Love Warm Neck Scarf

A warm neck scarf in the theme of a pied black and white French Bulldog

Keep warm with your French Bulldog love - with this cutest neck warmer for French Bulldog lovers!

Featuring the cutest Pied Black and White French Bulldog design. Wrap this super-cute neck scarf around your neck on a cold day or night, and keep cozy and warm.

Made of polyester and cotton, this French Bulldog warm neck scarf measures 43.3" inches in length x 5.9" tall, or 110 cm in length x 15 cm tall. View all French Bulldog Accessories.

25. French Bulldog Love Canvas Tote Bags

Image of a woman holding a black French Bulldog design tote handbag

Take your Frenchie love all around town with these cutest French Bulldog print canvas tote bags!

Large enough to carry to the market, beach, or anywhere you need. Use them as a shopping bag, a gym bag, a beach bag, a kid's activity bag, or more.

Made of high-quality canvas fabric with sturdy handles for durable use.

26. Cutest Winter Scarf French Bulldog Floor Rug

Image of a French Bulldog themed floor rug


A simply stunning floor rug for French Bulldog lovers!

Featuring the cutest White French Bulldog in a blue and red winter scarf, on a circular off-white background.

Made of fleece fabric, this cutest floor rug for French Bulldog lovers is super soft to touch and comfortable to sit on. It can also be machine washed and is available in three sizes - Small, Medium, and Large.

27. Infinite French Bulldog Love Women's Scrunchies

Image of three french bulldog design womens scrunchies

Tie up your hair in your Frenchie love with these cutest French Bulldog scrunchies!

Made of cotton and elastic, featuring the cutest infinite winking pied black and white French Bulldog print. Measuring 3.9" inch or 10 cm in diameter, available in three colors - Pink, Yellow and Blue!


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