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16 Cutest Dachshund Gifts for Dachshund Lovers

If you're looking for Dachshund Gifts - this blog post is for you!

Here are the cutest Dachshund Gifts you can order for yourself or gift your Dachshund loving friends.

Our collection of the cutest Dachshund gifts includes Dachshund Pajamas, Blanket, Rings, other Jewellery, Apparel, Socks, Doormat, Coffee Mug and lots more Dachshund merchandise and collectibles!

Tell us in comments - which one do you like the most?


1. Dachshund Love Womens Cotton Pajamas ($34)

Image of Dachshund Pajamas top lying folded in pink with an infinite dachshund pint

A must have for any Dachshund mom!

Made of soft cotton featuring the cutest infinite Dachshund print on a pink background with soft white polkadots.

2. Dachshund Jazz Bar Cushion Cover ($14)

Image of a cushion cover for home decor with a Dachshund with a jazz guitar print

Bring alive your Dachshund and Jazz love with these cutest cushion covers!

Made of cotton and linen, featuring the cutest Dachshund Jazz Bar print.

Measuring 18" x 18", throw these on your couch, bed, car or anywhere you please!

3. Hand Painted Dachshund Canvas Art Oil Painting ($71)

Image of an oil painting with a colorful standing Dachshund portrait

A Gift for Dachshund lovers like no other! 

Place this exquisite piece of hand painted Dachshund wall art in your house, office or anywhere you please.

Handmade with oil paints on canvas, available in one large size. Frame not included.

4. Black Dachshund Resin Statue ($51)

A statue in the shape of an all-black dachshund in standing position

A simple and stunning Black Dachshund statue.

Place this in your office or living room to share your Dachshund love with one and all!

Made of high quality resin, measuring 11" long and 7.5" tall.

5. Dachshund Love Throw Blanket ($31 onwards)

A woman sitting with her legs up on the sofa wrapped in a dachshund print blanket

Get ready for Dachshund dreams in this Dachshund blanket!

Made of the softest micro fiber fleece, featuring the cutest Dachshund print. Available in four sizes. 

6. Cutest Dachshund Office Desk Mobile Phone Holder ($19)

Image of a mobile phone holder in the shape of a cure Dachshund dog

Simply the cutest desk accessory for any Dachshund lover!

A perfect gift for the holiday season. Gift it to anyone who loves Dachshund's and goes to office, and they can't not place it on their office table!

7. Cutest Dachshund Love Floor Rug ($34 onwards)

Image of a floor rug in the shape of a cute dachshund face

Cotton and cloth never looked so cute!

Made of simple soft cotton and cloth, this puppy face is waiting to greet you every morning!

8. Warm Dachshund Welcome Rubber Door Mat ($24 onwards)

Image of black doormat with a Dachshund standing on top and Welcome written in white

Welcome your guests in Dachshund Style!

With the Warm Dachshund Welcome Rubber floor mat. Made of rubber, suitable for indoor or outdoor use, available in four sizes - Small, Medium, Large and XL.

Also available:

Image of doormat with Dachshund silhouette with Welcome to Wiener World written below

Welcome to Wiener World Dachshund Door Mat ($34 onwards)

The cutest doormat for Dachshund lovers! Place it outside your house to inform guests of your house's most loved family members.

Made of high quality long lasting polyester with an anti slip bottom. Available in two sizes Medium and Large.

9. Dachshund All Day Pillow Covers ($19 for pair)

Two pillows lying on the bed with a cute orange dachshund dog print on a black background

A must have for every Dachshund over!

Made of soft microfiber with the cutest colorful prtined Dachshund pattern.

10. Dachshund Love Womens Ankle Socks ($9)

Image of ankle socks for women with a cute sitting dachshund dog print

Simply the cutest Dachshund socks ever!

Made of cotton and polyester, with the cutest Dachshund print.

Also available:

Image of folded socks with a cute embroidered brown dachshund design

Embroidered Dachshund Cotton Socks ($11)

11. Dachshund Love Reserved Parking Sign Board ($11)

Image of a reserve parking sign board made of tin with a super cute Dachshund print and text

A cutest Dachshund reminder to reserve your parking spot!

Made of metal, approximately 8" wide by 12" tall.

12. Unicorn Dachshund Coffee Mug ($19)

Image of a coffee with a Dachshund Unicorn print and a cute caption

Wake up to a magical Dachshund morning with this Dachshund coffee mug! 

Made of ceramic with the cutest colorful Dachshund unicorn print.

Also available:

Image of a cup with a unique 3D dachshund design

Dachshund Love 3D Ceramic Cup ($29)

Make every morning a Dachshund love morning!

Made of ceramic porcelain, perfect for your morning coffee, tea or anything you please! 

13. Dachshund Love Cookie Cutter ($9)

Image of a cookie shape cutter in the shape of a Dachshund dog

Bake away with these Dachshund shaped cookie cutters!

Made of stainless steel, measuring approximately 3.15" wide by 3.5" tall. 

Also available:

Image of a cookie batter rolling pin with an infinite dachshund print

Dachshund Love Wooden Rolling Pin for Baking Cookies ($39)

If you bake cookies and love Dachshunds - this rolling pin is for you!

Featuring the cutest infinite Dachshund print. Use this as the secret ingredient in your next batch of cookies!

Made of wood, with an embossed rolling surface of 6.7" inches and a full length of 14".

14. Dachshund Love Enamel Jewellery Set - Earrings, Ring and Necklace ($41 onwards)

Close up of a women's finger wearing a Dachshund themed ring

Image of delicate looking earrings with flowers and a cute dangling Dachshund face

Images of big round earrings with a sleeping dachshund on the earring

Simply stunning Dachshund jewellery!

Made with high quality acrylic resin and 14K gold plated copper. Coated with smooth enamel glaze.

15. Dachshund Print Womens Chiffon Blouse Shirt ($29 onwards)

Close of a women wearing a shirt with a cute infinite Dachshund dog print

Simply the cutest winter shirt for any Dachshund mom!

Made of soft white chiffon, featuring an infinite Dachshund print with long flare sleeves and turn-down collar.

16. Dachshund Love Beach Towel ($29)

Image of a large beach towel wrapped around the back of a standing person in the shape of a cute Dachshund's face.

A beach towel like no other for a Dachshund lover!

Measuring nearly 6 feet by 4.5 feet. Made of soft microfiber fabric, machine washable with fast 15-20 seconds absorption time.


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