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20 Cutest Boston Terrier Gifts for those who LOVE Boston Terriers!

If you're looking for Boston Terrier Gifts - this blog post is for you! 😍😍😍

Our collection of the cutest Boston Terrier gifts include Boston Terrier art, clothing, statues, ornaments, accessories and lots more Boston Terrier merchandise items and collectibles.

Tell us in comments - which one do you like the most?


1. Boston Terrier Shaped Floor Rug ($34) 

Image of four floor rugs lying on the floor shaped like cute Boston Terrier faces

Bring home the Boston Terrier Floor Rug!

It may be black and white but it's guaranteed to brighten up any corner of your house!

Made of a soft plush exterior and PP cotton interior, each mat is approximately 1.3 feet wide by 1.8 feet tall (including the ears).

2. I Love Boston Terriers Womens Shirt ($28)

Image of four shirts hanged side by side in for colors all with the same infinite Boston Terrier print

A must have for any Boston Terrier fan - shirts don't get cuter than this!

Made of a light and breathable cotton blend, available in four colors and sizes.

3. Boston Terrier Love Car Bobble Head ($21)

Image of two bobble heads on a car dashboard shaped like a Boston Terrier and a girl Pug

Cutest bobble-headed reminder of your baby waiting back home!

Roughly 4 inches tall and a little over 2 inches wide, made of high quality resin. If you have a Boston Terrier and a car - this is for you!

4. Boston Terrier Desktop Mobile Phone Holder ($24)

A Boston Terrier themed mobile phone holder - a perfect gift for Boston Terrier lovers

Simply the cutest office desk accessory for any Boston Terrier lover!

A perfect gift for the holiday season. Gift it to anyone who loves Boston Terrier's and goes to office, and they can't not place it on their office table!

5. Angel Boston Terrier Sequinned Handmade Patch ($11)

Image of a Boston Terrier with angel wings sew on patch for t shirt or jackets with a woman in the background wearing a t shirt with the same boston terrier sew on patch

Take any plain T Shirt or Jacket and make it a Boston Terrier lovers dream!

Measuring 14"height by 11" width - handmade with sequins.

6. Boston Terrier Love Womens Flats ($28)

7. Boston Terrier Love Embroidered Canvas Loafers ($44)

Image of red shoes with a super cute Boston Terrier design

Image of black shoes with a super cute Boston Terrier design

Image of white shoes with a super cute Boston Terrier design

Image of blue shoes with a super cute Boston Terrier design

Simply the cutest loafers for any Boston Terrier lover!

Timeless and adorable - these shoes are sure to be the talk of your next party.

Hand embroidered design on a canvas upper, rubber sole and fabric inner. Available in four colors - Black, White, Red and Blue.

8. Warning Overly Affectionate Boston Terrier on Duty Tin Poster ($24)

Image of a tin poster with a cute Boston Terrier puppy and text which warns visitors about an overly affectionate boston terrier on the prowl

Give your guests fair warning - that there's an overly affectionate Boston Terrier on the prowl!

Made of tin, measuring nearly 12 inches wide and 8 inches tall. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

9. Boston Terrier in Bloom Cushion Cover ($24)

Celebrate your Boston Terrier love with the Boston Terrier in Bloom cushion cover!

Made of cotton and polyester, featuring the cutest Boston Terrier in bloom print.

Measuring 18" x 18", throw this cutest cushion cover for Boston Terrier lovers on your couch, bed, car or anywhere you please!

Also available:

Boston Terrier Cushion Cover Green

Nerdy Boston Terrier Cushion Cover ($26)

The cutest cushion cover for any Boston Terrier lover - bring home the Nerdy Boston Terrier cushion cover!

Featuring the cutest nerdy Boston Terrier with large black spectacles on a green background design. Throw it on your sofa, couch, bed or anywhere you please!

Made of Polyester and Cotton, measuring approximately 18" x 18" or 45 cm x 45 cm.

10. Boston Terrier Love Toilet Roll Holder ($61)

Image of a toilet roll holder in the shape of a Boston Terrier with arms stretched out holding the toilet paper

A sure shot way to brighten up each day!

Made of high quality resin, hand painted and intricately sculpted with great attention to detail.

11. Boston Terrier Love Resin Glasses Holder ($24)

Image of a glasses or shades holder in the shape of a Boston Terrier

A must have for any Boston Terrier lover who regularly wears glasses or shades!

Made of high quality resin and hand painted. Great to place on office desk or bedside table - a well appreciated gift for the holiday season!

12. Love Boston Terriers Shoulder Bag ($28)

Image of a womens should bag purse in the shape of a Boston Terrier

Carry your Boston Terrier Love around town with this cutest handbag for Boston Terrier Lovers!

Large enough to fit a full size tablet, a small water bottle, your notebooks and more - this bag is sure to make heads turn wherever you go!

13. Cutest Boston Terrier Love Keychain ($11)

Unlock your Boston Terrier love with this cutest Boston Terrier themed keychain.

Throw this cutest Boston Terrier themed keychain in your handbag and easily retrieve it again without looking. The layered and beaded texture of is keychain makes it easy to identify amongst the other contents of your handbag while multitasking!

14. Sleeping Boston Terrier Floor Rug ($42)

Image of a floor mat in the shape os a cute sleeping Boston Terrier

A Boston Terrier rug like no other!

Super soft with a clear and vivid digital print, anti slip bottom and hemmed by hand. Available in two sizes - Small and Medium.

15. Cutest Boston Terrier Floor Rug ($51)

Image of a floor rug in the shape of a cute Boston Terrier's face with big round black eyes

Cotton and cloth never looked so good!

Made of simple soft cotton and cloth, this puppy face is waiting to greet you every morning!

16. Cute Boston Terrier Pattern Socks - 2 Pairs ($15)

Infinite Boston Terrier socks for your infinite Boston Terrier love!

Made of cotton - get both styles in each package!

17. Abstract Boston Terrier Coffee Mug ($34)

Image of a coffee mug with a cute abstract boston terrier print

You can finally take your pet to work everyday with this Boston Terrier Mug!

Made of the best ceramic and sublimation inks available, the artwork on this mug will never peel off.

With an easy-grip handle, standard 11 oz capacity, this mug is suitable for both hot and cold drinks, and can be used for home or office.

Add another small joy to your life with the Abstract Boston Terrier Mug!

18. Boston Terrier Love Handmade Polymer Clay Earrings ($16)

Image of a earring in the shape of a boston terrier, handmade with polymer clay

Simply the cutest Boston Terrier earring for kids!

Gift these Boston Terrier earrings to your daughter or niece. Handmade with polymer clay, featuring two dangling Boston Terriers, one for each ear.

19. Boston Terrier Love Enamel Jewellery Set ($31 Onwards)

Boston Terrier Jewellery Set with a Boston Terrier Bangle, Earrings, Ring and Necklaces

Gift these to a Boston Terrier loving friend and watch them melt!

Made of high quality Lucite resin with 18k gold plated copper and enamel glaze.

Purchase the whole set together or get the Bangle, Earrings, Pendant and Ring individually.

20. Boston Terrier Themed Pet Bed ($51)

Image of a black pet bed with a cute Boston Terrier design

What could be more fitting than a Boston Terrier bed for a Boston Terrier?

Made of 100% soft breathable cotton, can be hand washed, and available in two sizes - Small and Large.

Featuring the cutest Boston Terrier prints in two color and design variations.

Made of rubber with cotton fabric lining for indoor use.

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