11 Cutest Black Lab Gifts for Black Labrador Lovers 2021

If you’re looking for Black Lab gifts - this blog post is for you! 😍😍😍

Our collection of the cutest and most adorable Black Labrador Gifts includes Black Lab ornaments, home decor, jewelry, accessories, and lots more unique Black Lab merchandise and Black Lab stuff.

We also have individual collections for Yellow Lab Gifts and Chocolate Lab gifts!

Tell us in the comments - which Black Labrador Retriever gift do you like the most?


1. Realistic Lifelike Black Labrador Bobblehead

Image of a realistic lifelike black labrador bobblehead

This cutest Black Lab bobblehead is sure to make you smile each time! 😄

If you have a Black Labrador and a car - this realistic and lifelike Black Labrador bobblehead is for you!

Made of high-quality resin, place this sweetest Black Lab ornament on your table, or in your car - for the most endearing bobbling reminder of your Black Lab baby waiting back home!

2. Black Labrador Love Cushion Covers

Image of a collage of four super cute Black Labrador themed cushion covers for Black Lab lovers

If you're looking for Black Lab home decor - these Black Labrador cushion covers are for you!

Throw these most delightful Black Lab cushion covers on your bed, sofa, in your car, kids room, office, or anywhere you need instant Black Lab cheer!

3. Black Labrador Mom T-Shirts

A collage with four super cute Black Lab t shirts

Wear your Black Lab love with these super cute Black Labrador t-shirts for Black Labrador moms!

Made from super-soft modal fabric, available in six sizes from Small to XXXL.

Get these most adorable t-shirts for Black Labrador moms for yourself, or gift them to your Black Lab-loving family and friends! 

4. Labrador with Heart Silver Pendant Necklace

Image of a beautiful Black Labrador silver pendant and necklace

A stunning silver pendant necklace for Black Labrador moms!

Made of 925 Sterling Silver, with a super-cute Black Labrador hugging a radiant heart-shaped Topaz stone design.

Add this beautiful pendant and necklace for Black Labrador moms to your collection, or gift it to your Black Lab-loving family and friends!

5. Beautiful Black Labrador Love Enamel Keychain

Image of a beautiful black labrador keychain


A super-cute enamel keychain for Black Labrador lovers!

Featuring the most adorable multi-color Black Labrador made of enamel and zinc alloy.

Get this most delightful Black Labrador keychain for yourself, or gift it to your Black Lab-loving family and friends!

6. Infinite Labrador Love Women's Scarf

Image of a lady wearing a Black Labrador design scarf

Celebrate your Black Labrador love with this most beautiful scarf for Black Labrador moms!

Featuring a timeless infinite Black Labrador Retriever design. Wear it when you go out to the market, the pool, the beach, or anywhere you need instant Black Labrador cheer!

7. 3D Black Labrador Finger Wrap Ring

Close up image of a lady wearing a 3D Black Labrador design ring

Wrap your Black Labrador love around your finger with this cutest and most adorable ring for Black Labrador lovers!

Made of metal, resizable, and available in three colors including Antique Silver, Bronze, and Black Gunmetal.

Get this delightful ring for Labrador moms and sisters for yourself, or gift it to your Black Lab-loving family and friends!

8. This Vehicle Has Been Black Lab Tested Car Stickers

Image of a car with a black labrador car sticker

Witty and funny car stickers for Black Labrador lovers!

Featuring a humorous ‘This Vehicle Has Been Black Lab Tested’ design.

Add this Black Labrador sticker to your car and share your Black Labrador love with all you drive by!

9. My Sun, My Moon, My Black Labrador Love Warm Blanket

Image of a Black Labrador themed blanket

If you’re in love with your Black Labrador, all day, and all night - then this Black Labrador blanket is for you!

Featuring a beautiful ‘my sun, my moon, my Black Labrador’ day-and-night sky background design.

Made with super fluffy and warm, machine washable Sherpa fleece fabric, and available in two sizes. Medium to use as a throw, or Large to use as a Blanket.

Suitable for the bedroom, couch, office, car, kid's room, or anywhere you need to get warm and add instant Black Labrador cheer!

10. Why I Love My Black Labrador Tin Poster

Image of a black labrador design sign board

Inform all visitors of some of the things that make you love your black Labrador!

Place this delightful tin poster for black Labrador lovers in your living room, garden, balcony, or anywhere you need instant black Labrador cheer!

11. Labrador Love Rose-Gold Plated Silver Pendant

Image of a Labrador themed silver pendant

If you're in love with your Black Labrador - then this beautiful Labrador pendant is for you!

Made of 925 Sterling Silver, featuring a super-cute silver Labrador in a Rose-Gold colored heart design.

Add this beautiful Labrador-themed pendant to your necklace, bracelet, or you can even string it with your keychain or handbag.

Get it for yourself, or gift it to your Black Labrador-loving family and friends!


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