Image of a Dachshund t-shirt featuring all the Doxie information, the Anatomy of a Dachshund
Anatomy of a Dachshund Mens Cotton T-Shirt
Anatomy of a Dachshund Mens Cotton T-Shirt

Anatomy of a Dachshund Mens Cotton T-Shirt

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Wear your Dachshund loving personality with this cutest Anatomy of a Dachshund T-shirt!

Featuring all the Doxie information you already know, for the benefit of all you meet!

Made of 100% cotton, get this cutest T-shirt for Dachshund lovers for your Doxie-loving self, or your Doxie-loving family and friends!

Dachshund merchandise doesn't get cuter than this!

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Material: 100% Cotton
Pattern Type: Print
Fabric Type: Broadcloth


Inches Chest Width Length
S 37 26.4
M 39.4 27.6
L 41.7 28.7
XL 44.1 29.5
XXL 46.5 30.3
XXXL 48.8 31.5
CM Chest Width Length
S 94 67
M 100 70
L 106 73
XL 112 75
XXL 118 77
XXXL 124 80

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